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C4: Confidence, Clarity, Cut-Off, Closure Pack

C4: Confidence, Clarity, Cut-Off, Closure Pack

Spiritual Homegirl

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My C4 (Confidence, Clarity, Cut-Off, Closure) Pack is a great option for those looking to get clarity without involving the other person! Each product is designed with your best interests in mind and is created by Spiritual Homegirl, who is also a meditation teacher, social worker, and counselor. The C4 Pack is a bundle of tools could be applied to romantic, friendship, and familial relationships, or be used alongside a one-on-one session with Spiritual Homegirl! These products are digital downloads of personal tools created and used by Spiritual Homegirl that will help you detach from what doesn't serve you. The C4 Pack is available at multiple levels of investment to suit every budget.

Note: Since this is a digital product, it will be delivered via email. Make sure to double-check your email address for accuracy!