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Spirit Food Brainteaser PuzzleBook

Spirit Food Brainteaser PuzzleBook

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Do you want brainteasers that stump the brain but support the spirit? If you answered yes, get into my "Spirit Food" PuzzleBook! PuzzleBooks are designed to cause our brains to think, which helps us tune out from a day of stress, or constant movement. It's time to train our brain and empower ourselves! There are 20 brainteasers, including puzzles, word searches, and Sudoku to try and stump you! 

This Puzzle Book was created for those who:
    • Are looking for a way to unwind and decompress without being on the phone, tablet, or computer
    • Want to find creative ways to receive positivity in times of stress 
    • Love brainteasers but want a spiritual twist
With my "Spirit Food" Puzzlebook, you will learn how to:
  • How to search for positive affirmations through word searches and scrambles
  • How to find negative traits to be careful of through word searches and scrambles
  • How to decompress without technology
You Will Need:
  • An open heart and mind
  • A pen or pencil to mark your answers

This PuzzleBook challenges you to solve puzzles  about positive mindset, living in confidence, and affirmations!
Will you accept the challenge?

Why Should You Buy from Maria the Spiritual Homegirl?
  • 10+ years of Meditation Experience
  • Certified Meditation Teacher
  • Aromatherapy Certification Holder
  • Certified Crisis Counselor
  • Certified Community Counselor